QS9000-TDLAS is a series of laser-based gas analyzers that measure the concentration of flue gases using the Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) technique. This technique delivers highly accurate and reliable data that is not affected by the background gases and environmental conditions. QS9000-TDLAS performs measurements in a non-contact manner and is suitable for the measurement of corrosive gases in harsh process conditions.


Operating Range: Application Dependent (Consult QuanSens)

Speed of Response: 1 to 10 seconds

Repeatability: Application Dependent

Accuracy: Application Dependent

Path Length: 0.5-30 m

Calibration: 6-12 Months, Application Dependent

Ambient Temperature: -20oC to +60oC (-4oF to 122oF)

Relative Humidity: %0 to %90, Non-Condensing

Outputs: 4-20 mA Isolated, RS232

Inputs: Pressure/Temperature Feed for Compensation (2@4-20 mA isolated)

Electrical Requirements: 240 VAC (216-264 V), 63-47Hz

Enclosure: IP65, NEMA 4X


Fast Response

QS9000-TDLAS is installed directly on the stack and no sampling is required, therefore, a response time as fast a <1 second can be reached.

High Selectivity

Because the diode lasers can resolve single absorption lines of the gaseous molecules, the measurements are highly selective and insensitive to interference from background gases.


Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy (WMS) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques make QS9000-TDLAS extremely accurate and reliable even in high temperatures, high pressures, dusty environments and harsh process conditions.

Non-Contact Measurement

The laser source and the photodetector are isolated from the flue gas; this prevents them from being contaminated. The non-contact nature of the QS9000-TDLAS makes it suitable for measurements in the presence of corrosive gases.

No/Low Zero Drift

The diode lasers used in QS9000-TDLAS are telecommunication grade lasers which are very stable and provide a virtually drift-free technology.

Low Maintenance

No sampling or conditioning equipment it required. The only maintenance required is annual calibration and periodic optics cleaning.

Low Cost of Ownership

The below features make QS9000-TDLAS laser analyzers to have a lower cost of ownership compared to other gas analyzers:

– long-term calibration-free operation,

– long lifetime components,

– low maintenance,

– no consumables,

– easy installation.

Long Lifetime

Diode lasers used in QS9000-TDLAS analyzers have long operational lifetimes (typical MTBF of 15 years).